Meeting and an Adventure

On June 20th the Poli lab embarked for Roan Mountain TN at 6m to attend the American Bryological and Lichenological Meeting.  Roan Mountain was about a 3 hour drive from Roanoke and was easily done the morning the meeting started.  Adventures ranged from informative meeting talks, workshops, field trips, poster sessions, and social hours. 

The next morning we all got together to travel to Beech Mountain –and the real adventures began.  Our first stop was at the brand new Beech Creek Bog State Natural Area; beautiful ferns reached for the sky and guarded the area, but we pushed through mountain bog full of sphagnum, lycopods, and lichens galore. Here the students were able to watch bryologists in action, looking at all types of plants in the field.  They watched experts name species on the spot; Bryan and Laura feverishly took notes and kept their ears peels to soak in the most knowledge possible. 


Since one of our recent projects looked at lycopods, the group was very attuned to the different lycopods that occurred.  In one spot we noticed four species growing in less than a three foot by three foot location!   One was a trailing rhizome variety and the other three were from the Lycopodium genus.  The one pictured below was determined to be an actual hybrid of the other two LycopodiumLycopodium gametophytes are generally underground, and if the area doesn’t stay wet, they will not germinate successfully.   The Sphagnum bog beds kept the area moist enough to allow the tricky life cycle to occur and the beautiful diversity to prevail. 

Wednesday morning, the students began to feel the pressure of presenting their data to the society.  However, by the time the poster session occurred, both Bryan Piatkowski and Laura Kellam did an excellent job representing the evolution of polar auxin transport!  Bryan, like a pro, gave a succinct summary of his uptake and efflux work.  Laura filled in for Jessica Branning; Laura was able to calmly and accurately represent the polar auxin transport work in Dicranium gametophytes.  Together, the evolution was obvious!  Good job Poli lab…EvoKat is proud of you!  

Even in Moss Heaven, Laura finds bones!

And through it all…Laura still found bones!  I guess it really was a wonderful trip!


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