What is EvoKat?

Upon taking my current job, I moved to Virginia and needed to find a way to express who I am.  I have always been an evolution advocate and so I tried many 6-7 letter combinations to represent my passion on a license plate; what resulted was “EVOKAT.”  Many have questioned why I did not choose “EVOCAT” but the answer is simple, it was taken! 

As I have tooled around the Bible Belt with this pecular spelling and mash of words, the response has been rather intriguing.  Some people stop talking to me, pray for my soul, or (even worse) try to convert me once they realize I am pro-evolution.  Others think I am a little crazy for even being that bold as to represent such “strong beliefs” around “these” parts.  But why is my expression any different than “COLE & DB” or “4MYPOMS”?  Is “JSS4EVA” any less bold?  (NOTE:  I have seen all of these plates in VA and the first one is not about  my dog Coal and me! ) 

 At least my “belief” is founded in facts and put to the test by the scientific method.  Evolution is the basis of medicine, and people generally welcome medicine into their lives.  Evolution is not something to be feared…it is just the way populations of organisms continue to shift and change in response to the world around them.  There is nothing sinister about it.  

I am always in awe at how  uneducated people can be about basic science. I guess that is what drives me to use EVOKAT as a license plate…  (sorry, the pun was absolutely necessary!)  The United States continues to slide scientifically , we send less students on to college and graduate school than most other countries and only a small fraction of those students are scientists!  Without science,  the United States will not be able to remain a super power.  Defense, medicine, and Green initiatives are all based in science.  We must become better educated.  That is why EVOKAT exists…


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Angela on May 5, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    I wondered what the “kat” referred to! Now I know. My daughter’s science class started on evolution a couple of weeks ago. I asked her if the class gave her any resistance and Grace said “No, she never gave them a chance!”


    • Angela,
      It is intersting to hear how different teachers handle evolution in their classrooms. When I took my INQ 250 students to the state science museum they interviewed a woman who felt that the Natural History museum did a good job of not “ramming evoltuion down the throats of the visitors.” This comment was very confusing for my students because she claimed to be an elementary science teacher who did not “believe” in evolution. What was most puzzling to me was that she felt that the natural history museum did not force evolution…natural history only makes sense in the light of evolution, which is throughout the place! It takes all kinds…


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